Learn Spanish on YouTube: The Best 7 Channels!

Learn Spanish on YouTubeDo you know how to learn Spanish on Youtube?

Here’ the list of the best 7 Spanish learning channels you can take advantage of on Youtube to bring your Spanish proficiency at the next level!

Learn Spanish with Olly Richards

Click Here to Learn More about the Spanish

Learning Method Invented by Olly Richards

Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101

Click Here to Learn More about the SpanishPod101 Learning Method

Learn Spanish on Youtube with Butterfly Spanish

Learn Spanish Games with WhyNotSpanish

Here’s a great system for learning Spanish based on games! 

They play live games on their Instagram account and they are taking them to YouTube as well.

This is their first live video on YouTube, the beginning of it all! It will be an easy game and all levels are welcome (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Learn Spanish on Youtube with The Spanish Dude

Learn Spanish on Youtube at Español con Juan


Learn Spanish on Youtube at Lirica

Here you will find some fantastic catchy song to learn the language more deeply and having fun!

For example listen the following enticing Spanish song, “me Voy”, by Julieta Venegas:

Learn Spanish Programs Online and Offline

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