Materials Spanish Words – Common Spanish Words & Phrases for Materials

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Here’s a List of Materials Spanish Words to Know…

Acrylic – acrílico
Aluminium – aluminio
Brass – latón
Bronze – bronce
Canvas – lona
Cardboard – cartón
Cashmere – cachemir
Cement – cemento
Ceramic – cerámica
Clay – arcilla
Concrete – hormigón
Materials Spanish Words Bighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaCopper – cobre
Corduroy – pana
Cotton – algodón
Denim – tela vaquera
Fiberglass – fibra de vidrio
Glass – vidrio
Iron – hierro
Lace – encaje
Lead – plomo
Leather – cuero
Linen – lino
Marble – mármol
Nylon – nailon
Plaster – yeso
Plastic – plástico
Polyester – poliéster
Porcelain – porcelana
Rubber – goma
Silk – seda
Silver – plata
Steel – acero
Stone – piedra
Straw – paja
Suede – gamuza
Tin – hojalata
Velvet – terciopelo
Wax – cera
Wood – madera
Wool – lana

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