5 Romantic Spanish Songs: Learn Better Spanish Through Songs

romantic Spanish songsWhat about learning the Spanish Language by listening and singing wonderful romantic spanish songs?

Easy & Funny Learning, Step-by-step

The best way to learn a language, if you can’t live in the country where that language is spoken, is to learn it step by step, every day, a few minutes. 

And this is possible only if you can have fun!

Of course, to master all the feature of the Spanish language you have to make an effort to learn some grammar and words, but music can be the jimmy to open the door of the language.

We’ve provided for every song some grammar and dictionary notes to help you understand the meaning of the song and learn the italian language little by little.

In this page you can learn by doing, i.e. by singing or listening to many famous romantic Spanish songs and studying the beautiful Spanish language through them. As we like to say:

A song a day keeps the ignorance away

or, maybe better:

A song a day keeps my Spanish learning at bay

Anyway, what’s better than to study and be relaxed at the same time?

Learning Spanish through songs will allow you to achieve exactly this “state of mind”.

And, because you’ve probably many other tasks to perform in your work day, it’s essential to have fun by doing it!

A Great Love Spanish Song: Bailando

A Great Romantic Spanish Song: Perfidia

Romantic Songs in Spanish: Bamboleo (Gipsy Kings)


A Classic Spanish Love Song: Besame Mucho

Romantic Spanish Songs: Despacito, the Most-viewed Video on Youtube (6.6 billion views!!)

Have Fun & Learn Spanish Videos

Learn Spanish Online Easily

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