Spanish Suffixes: 3 Common Spanish Nouns Suffixes For Easy Spanish Learning – Priceless Shortcut!

Spanish suffixesKnowing Spanish suffixes and their easy translation to English will greatly help you to understand written Spanish and put it on your way to also understand the spoken language when you learn the Spanish pronunciation.

Spanish Suffixes: Words Ending in -ción

Out of all the prefixes that can help the English Student of Spanish, in my opinion, the king is this:


that’s almost the exact equivalent to the English suffix:


It’s just incredible the number of words of Latin origin that the 2 languages have in common! Here are just a few examples:

la nación = the nationla información = the information
la automación = the automationla associación = the association
la vacación = the vacationla tradición = the tradition
la motivación = the motivationla participación = the participation
la simplificación = the simplificationla evaluación = the evaluation
la distribución = the distributionla operación = the operation

A Quick Video about Spanish Suffixes (Words Ending in -ción)

More Common Spanish Suffixes (Words Ending in -ción)

the abbreviation = la abreviaciónthe action = la acción
the addition = la adiciónthe adoption = la adopción
the affirmation = la afirmaciónthe application = la aplicación
the association = la asociaciónthe attention = la atención
the attraction = la atracciónthe audition = la audición
the authorization = la autorizaciónthe celebration = la celebración
the collection = la colecciónthe combination = la combinación
the condition = la condiciónthe conservation = la conservación
the construction = la construcciónthe contradiction = la contradicción
the declaration = la declaraciónthe decoration = la decoración
the definition = la definiciónthe direction = la dirección
the discrimination = la discriminaciónthe distribution = la distribución
the education = la educaciónthe election = la elección
the elevation = la elevaciónthe evaluation = la evaluación
the exception = la excepciónthe exemption = la exempción
the fraction = la fracciónthe identification = la identificación
the immigration = la inmigraciónthe information = la información
the inspection = la inspecciónthe instruction = la instrucción
the introduction = la Introducciónthe investigation = la investigación
the invitation = la invitaciónthe nation = la nación
the operation = la operaciónthe pronunciation = la pronunciación
the punctuation = la puntuaciónthe segregation = la segregación
the tradition = la tradición

Visit the Wikipedia page that lists many Spanish words ending in -ción. You will understand almost all of them without the help of a dictionary!

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Spanish Suffixes: Words Ending in -sión

As seen above, when translating the suffix -cion from Spanish to English you have to change the letter “C” to the letter “T”. Can something be easier? The simple answer is “YES!” because we have another great similarity between the Spanish and English lexicons:

The Suffix -SION

In this case, you don’t have to change any letter, just remove the accent & the double “S” (if present) from the Spanish word to get the exact English equivalent:

Here are just a few examples:

la expresión = the expressionla misión = the mission
la commisión = the commissionla pasión = the passion
la visión = the visionla lesión = the lesion
la fusión = the fusionla tensión = the tension
la decisión = the decisionl’occasión = the occasion
la versión = the versionla pensión = the pension

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Spanish Suffixes: Spanish Words Ending in -ad

The Spanish suffix 


is equivalent, in several Spanish nouns, to the English suffix


Here are just a few examples: 

La universidad = the universityla actividad = the activity
la humanidad = the humanityla agilidad = the agility
la mentalidad = mentalityla curiosidad = the curiosity
la celebridad = the celebrityla fertilidad = the fertility
la personalidad = the personalityla identidad = the identity
la credibilidad = the credibilityla necesidad = the necessity

As you can see, you just have to change the English suffix “TY” to the Spanish suffix “-DAD” and you have the correct Spanish Word!

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