Words In Spanish To Say Cleavage, Breast Implants, & More (7 New Words)

Words in Spanish to Say Cleavage

Words in Spanish – “Escote” (cleavage)

Here are some words in Spanish that you will hardly find in books and courses about the Spanish language.

I hope that you are not offended by these 4 Spanish words that I am about to share with you — which include how to say cleavage, breast implants, butt implants, etc. in Spanish.

You may be thinking why would I want to share how to say such words in Spanish.

Well, I want to share this with you because I have found knowing these words to be very helpful.

I did not learn these 4 Spanish words from the countless Spanish books that I used to learn the language.

I learned these words while living in Colombia. And I have heard them used very often here in Medellin, Colombia. And by the way, these words are not only spoken in Colombia but everywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.


How to say cleavage in Spanish: Escote

Esa mujer está mostrando su escote.
That woman is showing her cleavage.

This short Spanish lesson is courtesy of  Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy

Words in Spanish for breast & butt implants, nose job…

Postizo = something false that replaces something natural (i.e. fake)

Medellín and Bogotá are known for plastic surgery. Both men and women from all over the world come to these Colombian cities for plastic surgery or “cirugía plástica.” Men and women come to Colombia to get everything done — ranging from nose-jobs to butt implants.

Some of the types of surgery that people come to Colombia to get are:

cenos postizos (synthetic breasts or breast enhancements — formal or proper phrase)
tetas postizas (synthetic breasts or breast enhancements — VERY INFORMAL phrase)
culo postizo (enhancement or implants of the buttocks — VERY INFORMAL phrase)
 nariz nueva/cirugía de nariz (nose job)

And, of course, stretch mark removal:

How to say stretch marks in Spanish: Estría

Las estrías son un problema común en las mujeres.
Stretch marks are a common problem with women.

How to say dandruff in Spanish: Caspa

Lina compró un producto especial para lavar su cabello, porque está  harto de tener caspa.
Lina bought a special product in order to wash her hair because she is fed up with having dandruff.

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