Best Way To Learn Spanish in 2023! Discover A Multipronged Approach To Spanish Language Learning

Best Way to Learn SpanishYou absolutely need to know the best way to learn Spanish, and this means practicing a multi-pronged approach to this beautiful language which anyone would definitely wish to learn.

The importance of learning the Spanish language it’s totally out of the question!!!

Indeed, apart from being the national language of Spain, it is also recognized in several jurisdictions.

For instance, it is the official language of many important South American States: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina.

Moreover, it’s widely spoken in the Caribbeans: Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, and in several of the Lesser Antilles.

The Spanish language is also the official language of the 7 countries of Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

The European Union also acknowledges it as one of its major languages.

Spanish has nearly 500 million native speakers (!) and there are native Spanish speakers, as well as in Europe and America, in all the other continents:

AfricaMorocco, Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara

Asia: Philippines

Oceania: Easter Island (Chile)

If you are planning to travel around the world, it is definitely in your best interest to learn this precious language.

If you live in the USA, chances are that you shall occasionally bump into a speaker or a person whose mother language is Spanish.

Many people who attempt to learn the Spanish language often give up too early.

The main reason is the lack of self-discipline and consistency necessary to get significant results.

This post will show you some powerful strategies which might yield meaningful outcomes within a few months.

#1 Learn Spanish Step by step & Day-by-day with Free Youtube Videos

This is probably the cheapest and the most convenient method available.

And it’s very effective too!

This is because there are no additional fees to register in any classes or pay any extra fees. Moreover, the choice is big! You can find very good Spanish teachers as you can see in the videos below…

The only problem is that you will still need to take some tests to be considered to have learned the language. So, you must register with an accredited institution and take some examinations.

You will also need a fair degree of consistency to be able to achieve any meaningful progress.

This means that you must set aside some time to study the Spanish language.

Learn Basic Spanish: the Alphabet

Learn Basic Spanish through Videos

Learn Advanced Spanish through Videos

You can also find plenty of advanced Spanish lessons on youtube:

You might also find a great way to learning the Spanish language if you’re a lover of songs and music.

Although it may seem strange, this method is more practical than the classic Spanish language lessons. In fact, through songs, you will learn many common Spanish words that you will remember more easily because you sang them!

Just remember to sing at least a Spanish song every day… Find 3/5 minutes to sing in Spanish!

You will be able to use the languages in everyday life, rather than just mastering the basics.

We recommend listening to songs that have Spanish (and possibly English) subtitles.

They will assist you in understanding the language and making sense of the lyrics.

We also recommend that beginners choose short songs with few words.

This allows you to easily broaden your Spanish vocabulary through some funny moments.

These are some fantastic videos to learn the Spanish Language through music. For example, listen to the following slowed-down version of Despacito. Isn’t it funny?

Learn Spanish with Free Podcasts!

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#3 Take Local Courses In This Magnificent Language

As the designation implies, these are courses that are offered to a locally targeted audience.

In most cases, local entrepreneurs will offer these courses to a restricted geographical location.

You should hence consider looking up these opportunities in your locality for a start.

The same rules of the game apply.

You should settle for an institution whose courses are affordable to you.

This is to minimize strains and unnecessary expenditures on your part.

Also, the institution in question has to be accredited for the sake of your quality.

Generally speaking, local courses are most suitable if you have some ample spare time at your disposal.

This is due to the need to attend classes individually rather than via correspondences or online platforms.

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#4: Save Money & Time With Online Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish online

Quite a number of online enterprises are engaged in the tutoring of Spanish as a language.

If yours is a squeezed schedule, you might want to enroll in any of these online courses.

That is because they allow you to customize the lessons to line up with your unique schedules.

To find the most appropriate course, you have to factor in your resource endowment, duration of the training, level of expertise, and the trustworthiness of the institution.

The best institution for the job has to be accredited by the relevant accreditation agencies.

Many people usually develop some lethargy while undertaking online courses.

They do not attend lessons as consistently as they should due to the lack of supervision.

Do not fall for this trap.

Remember, these lessons cost money and you will have to pay for them whether you learn the language or not.

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#5: Travelling to Spanish-speaking Countries (Spain, South & Central America, Philippines)

There is certainly no better way of learning a new language than actually traveling to the places where that language is spoken as a mother tongue.

In order to learn the Spanish language, you have many countries for your consideration.

As noted above, there are 22 countries where the Spanish language is recognized officially.

The majority of these countries are located in South & Central America, so if you live in the USA they are easy to reach for you.

Life in these two countries is cheaper than in the USA, so you have to program a great vacation in any of these countries and learn Spanish ASAP!

While in these nations, travel to the streets and mingle with the common Spanish-speaking people.

Take time to listen and converse with them in the most casual and free way possible.

It is only in these two ways that you will be able to make some meaningful progress faster.

List of Spanish Speaking Countries

#6: Fun Spanish Learning: Jokes!

Learn Spanish with jokesSpanish jokes can be a fun way to learn new words or improve your listening skill.

In the videos below Juan and Pamela will tell you easy jokes in slow Spanish. These jokes will help you practice your Spanish skills and entertain your friends.

Slow conversations are the best way of learning a language. Research has shown that slow Spanish can be more effective at learning. These jokes combine common phrases and conversational Spanish to tell little stories.

To find more videos, just type “Spanish jokes” inside the Youtube search bar. Here’s another great video we find this way:

Learn Spanish words and phrases by reading jokes

#7: Playing Games Is Another Interesting & Funny Way to Learn Spanish Easily

When playing a game, you will learn new words and phrases and probably you will remember them because you used them!

That is because games bond us.

Moreover, they provide us a way to make new friends.

During the gaming sessions, we are also generally more relaxed than we are while in a classroom setting.

New ideas and concepts tend to sink deeper and faster when we are relaxed than when we are squeezed.

That is why you should not underestimate the power of games.

For this concept to work though, you have to play with others who already master the language.

Also, it requires that each individual participant be present at that time.

This means all of you will have to find a time that is convenient for you.

As you may clearly deduce, this is a very tricky and unreliable avenue to pursue. You can play any kind of game online or offline and more often than not, you will need to use the language to play:

Best Way to Learn Spanish – Play Videogames to LearnvIntermediate Spanish

For Easy Learning Spanish Games: Click Here

#8: Learn Spanish through Idioms & Proverbs

Just like jokes, proverbs and idioms are other ingenious ways of learning new concepts and languages. The reason is that they sink deeper and faster than other kinds of words.

It is because of this that you also want to incorporate as many of these idioms and proverbs as possible.

While at it, you should follow the same rules and regulations as for the jokes and movies.

You have to select a broad array of these words as much as you can.

This, of course, is necessary to broaden your scope and ensure that you attain some fair balance.

Also, try as much as possible to avoid crude or coarse idioms.

They too might lead you to trouble and even tarnish your image as a whole.

Lastly, it is better to draft and adhere to a strict timeline and schedule of activities.

15 Common Spanish Idioms for Sounding Like a Native

Spanish proverbs on Wikipedia

#9 Improve Your Spanish Daily & Steadily Spanish With Android/iOS apps (e.g. Duolingo)

We are definitely deep in the digital age.

As such, most of the common things we do today may be replicated or even taken over fully by the internet.

Leaning of new languages is certainly no exception to this otherwise universal rule.

Indeed, a number of apps do exists which can and indeed have the potential to expedite your Spanish language learning.

Chief examples of these are Busuu, Babbel, Memrise, Mondly, and Duolingo, to mention but a few!

You should also consider following this path.

The beauty of the apps is that they give you the opportunity to learn Spanish at a pace that is most convenient for you.

That is because they allow for access and use while on the go.

Start out with the free ones for a start.

Learn Spanish – Android Apps

App Store IOS

#10: Learn Spanish Online on a Language-learning Site like iTalki

As stated, almost everything these days has shifted to the internet platform.

The day-to-day learning has not been spared either.

For this, the internet is awash with numerous platforms and learning sites that may greatly facilitate your mastery of the Spanish language.

These are the Khan Academy, Coursera, W3 Schools, TedEd, Codecademy, and iTalki.

They basically link the learners and their tutors via some video links.

Most of them require that you pay for their use.

Some will, however, allow use on a free-of-charge basis for a limited duration of time.

You yet again have to factor in your resource endowment and your availability as you search for the most appropriate e-learning site.

Once signed up, you will have to be very consistent in attending lessons to be able to make the most of them.

Find Your Spanish Teacher on Italki

#11: Meeting Spanish-speaking People in Your Town

Unlike the one for visiting Spanish-speaking countries above, this one also entails finding Spanish language speakers in your own country or town.

This is a bit tricky considering the lack of geographical spread of the speakers of Spanish.

Subsequently, this is not so good a strategy for a beginner.

It is mostly recommended for those persons who have already mastered the basics and would want to proceed to polish their expertise.

At the same time, it is mostly suited for those fairly cosmopolitan towns and cities.

Yet again, the best places to visit are the streets and the markets. Here, you will find people haggling and conversing naturally.

Take time to listen and do not feel ashamed to ask questions in case a word missed your attention.

As always, practice makes perfect. Be ready to repeat the process over and over again.

How to Meet Native Speakers in Your City for Practice

#12: Enjoy Learning Spanish With Crosswords


As you may already know, a crossword is a puzzle where words are filled.

It consists of a number of squares and is filled with clues that are numbered.

You can read the answers diagonally, left-to-right, up-to-down, or both.

Crosswords might be a great way to learn the Spanish language.

This is the ideal place to begin if you’re a beginner in the Spanish language field.

It will be easy to learn how to use and master new words.

This will allow you to get the most from this method. You should do it repeatedly with as many crosswords as possible. This is the idea behind this approach to deal with Spanish learning in a funny, relaxed gaming situation!

You will be amazed at how many words you will have learned and really stored after a few months of regular Spanish crosswords practice… And everything by simply having fun!

Daily Spanish Crosswords

#13: Making Spanish-speaking Friends on Social Network


These digital days don’t require you to interact with people one-on-one.

Social media networks enable us to share and connect with people all over the globe.

This is a great resource to use in your search for Spanish language learning. You don’t even need to make friends with people.

Search for Spanish language groups on major social networks like Facebook. You will be able to exchange ideas and words with your fellow members after you join.

This approach works best when combined with other approaches.

It is, indeed, quite unplanned and disorganized, so it is not enough to make lasting and meaningful impacts.

For Learning Spanish on Facebook: Click Here

For Learning Spanish on Twitter: Click Here 

#14: Learn The Spanish Language Fast By Watching Spanish News & Enthralling Spanish TV Shows & Movies

Spanish television shows work much the same way as Spanish movies.

They expose you to the language in a natural and practical way.

With this arrangement, it is possible for you to understand the basics of the language and grow all the way to the professional levels.

The best television shows for the job are live newscasts.

That is because they not only relate to the real ongoings but also allow for easier translation.

Chances are that the story you watch in one channel is also being handled by another one that broadcasts in a language you are familiar with.

By flipping through the channels, it is possible for you to compare stories and get to relate the words.

The strategy, however, requires great attentiveness to details and is hence time-consuming.

#15: Reading Books & Magazines about your Interests/Hobbies in Spanish

Could it be that you are passionate about matters magazines and books?

If you do, you should also explore the reading of this literature as a way of furthering your mastery of the language.

To be able to make great progress, we suggest that you find books which are available in multiple languages.

The books allow you to compare the same contents but in different languages.

This way, it is possible for you to learn and enrich your vocabulary as well as master the sentence structures.

It is a great way to elevate your skills from basic to intermediate.

We suggest that you search for bilingual publications such as Spanish magazines that have a global character.

They will surely give you the head start you require to start off well.

It goes without saying that you have to maintain some fair degree of consistency to achieve great success.

Multilingual Books (& more) in Spanish

Learn Spanish with Magazines: 10 Free, High-quality Mags

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#16: The Tasty Way To Spanish… Learn The Language By Cooking Juicy Spanish Food!

Who doesn’t love food?

That must be a corpse or something.

We all need food to survive and be able to perform our vital chores.

Spanish foods are not your ordinary.

They have been noted Spanish cuisine is more healthy than others.

To expedite your learning of this wonderful language, is it not important and worthwhile to also use your love for food to do it?

Some of the Spanish dishes you might learn to make are Paella, Gazpacho, Jamón, Churros, Patatas bravas, Chorizo, Tortilla Española…

To enable you to make better progress, be sure to have the English rendition of the said menus.

That way, it will be possible for you to relate the words used and the processes involved. Remember, practice makes perfect.

You hence have to repeat the procedures severally to let them sink in.

For Learning Spanish by cooking: Click Here 

#17: Learning Spanish with Podcasts & Audiobooks

Lastly, you might also consider learning Spanish using audiobooks and podcasts.

These are recorded lessons that are subsequently sent out via digital downloads.

Some of them are free yet some are premium.

Start off with the free versions before upgrading to the premium ones.

Just like the apps, these podcasts will usually give you some freedom to do things at times that are convenient for you.

All you have to do is to maintain some consistency as you go about the business.

The main downside of this approach is that it is a one-way avenue. It does not give you room to seek clarification or ask any questions.

As such, this is an approach you want to attempt only if you want to peek at some bare minimum exposure to the language.

Learn to Speak Spanish with SpanishPod101

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Get The Most Out Of This List By Creating Your “Learning Spanish Menu

 Now the ball is in your court!

Take advantage of the detailed list of this page and create your “Weekly Learning Spanish Menu”.

This is probably the most important thing to do because you need to be consistent to succeed in your learning Spanish journey.

You don’t need too much time every day, 20 or 30 minutes will be enough. 

You do have not to study a lot in a short period of time, but on the contrary: study a little every day for a very long period of time!

WOW! You have truly received the guidance you desperately require to make some meaningful progress in learning Spanish.

Is it now not in order for you to launch out?

Doing so is pretty easy, just identify the most suitable strategy and explore it.

Remember, the earlier you start, the better it will be for you.

At the same time, you also have to maintain some consistency and focus in the process.

Faltering in any of these two ways might normally mean forfeited benefits. When are you planning to launch out?

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