7 Famous Spanish Poems To Learn The Spanish Language At Its Best

“One poem a day keeps Spanish at bay!”

Perdón por el juego de palabras (Sorry for the pun), but you can really read famous spanish poems & improve your Spanish at the same time

If you will be able to listen a poem every day, your Spanish language knowledge will soar!

Ok, we can say the same for songs, movies, games, etc., but poems are possibly better because they (and literature in general) are the work of skilled writers and poets.

In this page you will find a selection of poetries in the Spanish language of many different countries and some suggestions on how to use them to learn Spanish.

Of course it’s better to begin with simple Spanish poems and,

But this is not always true… If you really like poetry yo can read a listen to any poem and learn spanish, we could say, “poem by poem”, i.e. “step by step”

Think of poetry as music without instruments!

Learn Spanish Poetry, Why?

So, what are the many reasons why learning Spanish with poetry is a great idea?

1. You will learn many new words

2. Poetry has a different sintax than the normal language

3. Poetry words create images

4. You can practice silent and aloud reading easily because poetries are normally short (reading poetry is much much simpler than reading a book or an article).

5. For famous Spanish poems you’ll find easily the English translation online

6. You can easily practice listening – again the text of a poetry is short

7. And… you can write poetries too, maybe very simple poetries, maybe not masterpieces. Petries can be very short and not necessarily logical like other texts, so you can write more freely.

8. By learning famous Spanish poems you will learn the culture of the of the

9. Poetries are easier to memorize

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Despedida (Farewell) by Federico Garcia Lorca – Spain


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