Learn Spanish Videos – Exploit Them To Bring Your Spanish To The Next Level

Spanish with VideosHave you ever wondered about the power of Learn Spanish Videos to bring your Spanish to the next level?

Not the occasional video your Spanish teacher showed you in the classroom or a video that you watched online.

No, I’m meaning an organic, comprehensive learning plan with lesson, lexicon, idioms, pronunciation, etc.

You just need a PC at home and a tablet or phablet when you are out of home and, apart from engaging in a conversation, you can learn the Spanish language in your downtime (anytime, anywhere). But more than this, you can learn with fun and for very short periods of time (3, 5, 10 minutes)…

…. the best way to overcome boredom in your learning experience!

As you probably already know the majority of educational Youtube video are not longer than 10 minutes. I think this is the perfect span of time to easily learn a lot of things. For a consistent learning experience you can watch 2-3 videos a day and greatly improve your Spanish.

And bear in mind that many videos you will watch to learn Spanish are very: movies, comedies, TV series, sketches, songs…

If some videos are not so funny (e.g. grammar videos), on the other hand they are very short, and you can learn little by little, 10 or less minute a day.

Keep also in mind that the quality of some  online videos have nothing to envy to professional videos.

Often they have been made by professional teacher who are marketing a more advanced course than that in the video you can watch for free.

In this report you will find an extensive review of the different ways to learn Spanish free through videos.

After that you need only a daily learning routine to bring your Spanish to a very advanced level. Click here to see a an example of such a routine and create your own.

Learn Spanish Videos – Table of Content

1. Spanish Accent and Pronunciation2. Free Grammar Lessons
3. Spanish for Beginners – Basic Phrases4. Videos about Idioms & Culture
5. Spanish Course with Audios and Ipods6. Learning Spanish With Songs
7. Movies, TV Series & Telenovelas8. Learn Spanish Watching Cabaret
9. Noticias Televisivas (TV News)10. Learn Spanish through Jokes

1. Spanish Accent and Pronunciation

The most efficient way to learn the correct Spanish pronunciation is to watch videos that shows you the tongue positions you need to pronounce a peculiar letter or combination of letters. Here’s one:


Mexico Spanish Immersion Day

explanation of the pronunciation of the whole Spanish alphabet! This is one of the many learn Spanish video lessons available on the Youtube channel Butterfly Spanish:



2. Lecciones de gramática gratis (Free Spanish Grammar Lessons)

Spanish grammar is quite difficult and you can learn it only when you can already speak Spanish, at least at a basic level. Please don’t waste a lot of time trying to memorize complicated rules, verb conjugations, form of pronouns, etc.

Remember this: when you speak Spanish you can’t quickly recall and use all that theoretical knowledge. You have to speak (or write) automatically a good number of phrases before you begin to learn the grammar. Don’t get me wrong: Spanish grammar is very important if you want to master the language, but…

… grammar is for an intermediate/advanced learner.

When you will already able to speak a little (or a lot, better) you’ll find the motivation to learn some grammar rules, little by little.

Moreover that grammar rules will make sense for you because you have spoken and listened to the  real language and you have some question about pronouns, conjugations, name gender, etc.

As Olly Richards clearly explains in the following video, you need to reverse enginering your grammar learning. This simply means that you have to:

  • listen the people speaking
  • reading simple Spanish text

Here’s one of the best program to Learn Spanish grammar on Youtube. It’s made of over 1400 learn Spanish Videos, however you can learn begin watching the first one hundred videos. Just 10 minutes a day and in 4/5 months you can assimilate a great deal of Spanish Grammar!


3. Spanish for Beginners Videos – Basic Phrases

There are really a lot of easy videos about basic Spanish phrases online. Watch the following videos that will teach you words and phrases about:


You can find an impressive serie of free videos at Spanispod101.  There are video for absolute beginners, beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

4. Learn Spanish Videos about Idioms & Culture

Learnin a language is much more than learning vocabulary and grammar. Idioms and way of saying are important and, in addition, you can also have fun learning and using them. We’ve found a fantastic series of 13 videos –  Spanish Idiomatic Expressions A-Z. Here’s the first lesson:


To find almost any other Spanish song with lyrics you can go to Youtube and type in the search bar:

Title of the song + lyricsTitle of the song + wordsTitle of the song + text
Title of the song + liricaTitle of the song + palabrasTitle of the song + letras

If you don’t know any title of Spanish songs, just type “Spanish song”, “canción Española”, “Spanish songs 2017”, “traditional Spanish songs”, etc.

Here’s the first video we’ve found typing “Spanish songs 2017 lyrics” in the Youtube search bar:

7. Learn Spanish Youtube Videos: TV Series & Telenovelas

You can learn a lot of Spanish just watching TV series and telenovelas. Click here to read an examples of words and culture you can discover watching the colombian telenovela ““El Estilista.”

Here’s a great Spanish learning course by BBC taken from the series “Mi Vida Loca”. A drama seen through the eyes of a young person on holiday in Spain. Invited to Madrid by your friend Teresa, you hear at the last minute that she’s pulled out – so you are on your own. You get in a taxi and make your way across town, learning how to follow directions and some essential Spanish phrases as you go:

Watch the complete serie by clicking here…

If you’re at a more advanced level, you can watch a telenovela with subtitle in Spanish & English and greatly improve your Spanish. Bilingual subtitles are a very efficient way to learn Spanish. The actors speak slowly and stress clearly almost every word. But you can see by yourself:

Finally, for the fluent Spanish speaker, here’s a great TV serie for mantaining and further improving your Spanish:

Primer capítulo completo de esta serie histórica sobre Isabel la Católica, una mujer que alcanzó un poder sólo destinado hasta entonces a los hombres.” (First complete chapter of this historical series on Isabel the Catholic, a woman who reached a power only destined until then to the men.)


Watch the complete serie by clicking here…

Just remember to watch the TV serie you like almost every day, at last 10 minutes if you have little time… Of course this is possible only on YT and other videosites.

Click here to see the complete playlist of Spanish Idioms from A to Z!

Here’s an insightful review of the best Spanish TV series you can watch to improve your Spanish:


8. Learn Spanish Videos: Comic Sketches & Cabaret

There’s a great Youtube channel that offers a complete course made of funny short videos, Web Spanish. Here’s a sample video about medical Spanish:

9. Learn by Watching Noticias televisivas (TV News)

learn Spanish videosAn easy way to watch the latest news in the Spanish language is this:

1. Open Youtube
2. Type “Spanish news” in the Youtube Search bar
3. Click on “Filter” on the top right
4. Select “Last Hour” or “Today”

Note: if you want listen the news about some specific Spanish speaking country just type in the search box “Colombia news”, “Argentina news”, “Costarica news”, and so on.

The advantages of watching the news on Youtube rather than on TV are these:

  • you can go back and listen again & again
  • on many videos you can put on the subtitles in Spanish
  • you can watch the news of many Spanish speaking country like shown above
  • by downloading the videos on your phone you can watch them anywhere, anytime

However if you want to watch the Spanish TV, there’s a great resource on this link – the BBC Spanish page.

For a a BBC page full of tips about “learning Spanish with the news” click here.

A great website for learning Spanish is News in Slow Spanish. There’s no video in this case, just audio, but the news are spoken slowly and you will find a trancription below.

Why you should watch the “noticias” (news) in Spanish?

Here are the most important reasons to watch the news to learn Spanish:

  • It will be easier than watching a movie because probably you already know the events, especially international events
  • The language of the news is less complicate because it’s free of peculiar expressions and slang of fiction.
  • You can easily watch something new everyday…

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10. Learn Spanish with Videos: Jokes

Shorts and to the point! Jokes are a great way to learn conversational Spanish. Below you can watch a funny video with a Spanish joke with grammar and vocabulary explanations.

You can use this joke to communicate with some Spanish or Learning Spanish friends.

Another way to make your Spanish learning more enjoyable!


Here’s the link to a complete playlist of Spanish jokes on Youtube!

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