Study Spanish Method #1: Learn Spanish At Best With A Powerful Multi-Pronged Approach

Study Spanish MethodsThe language experts propose many different methods to study Spanish but only few of them will  teach you a multipronged approach.

I’ve found polyglots and hyperglots speaking of this system and I believe them because they demonstrate that what they say is true and effective.

If you really want to learn Spanish (or any other language) at its best you have to understand two simple things:

  1. Studying Spanish only isn’t enough!
  1. You have to live the Spanish Language if you want to master it!

I’m not saying here that you don’t have to study Spanish grammar rules, verb conjugations, idioms, etc. I just want to to point out the importance of a full immersion in the language, even if you’re not living in a Spanish speaking country.

“But how is this possible?” – you’re probably thinking….

This is one of the purposes of this miniguide: showing you how it’ possible to get a full Spanish immersion in your everyday life.

The second purpose is to equip you with the necessary tool for your Spanish immersion: a language learning routine. Or better a language learning routine that you can customize according to your needs…

In fact I publish two different study Spanish routines: one for the busy people that have no or little time to study and another for people that have free time for learning in they typical day.

Study Spanish – An Effective Method

The language experts propose many different methods to study Spanish but only few of them will  teach you a multipronged approach. I explain in details in another website how you can study a language by taking advantage of your downtimes – click here to read the article.

You can easily use the same strategies for your Spanish learning endeavor.

However you can find great help for a multipronged approach to Spanish mastering at Spanishpod101. And there you can begin to learn Spanish for free!

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Some Ideas on Learning Spanish with a Multipronged Approach

  1. listen to Radio in the car

  2. language lesson mp3

  3. watch subtitled movies, both Spanish and foreign-made/dubbed

  4. visit 

  5. read “parallel text” short stories (with the original Spanish on one page and English translation on the opposite page

  6. try to make conversation with a Spanish speaker

  7. travels

  8. learning jokes for friends

  9. Duolingo or another android/apple applications

  10. Youtube courses (or other platforms)

  11. books

  12. classroom

  13. songs

  14. trips/excursions

  15. italki/hellotalk – others

  16. crosswords

  1. Youtube courses (or other platforms)

Study Spanish on the road in dictionary towns and zones

This is possible if you are living/traveling in a Spanish speaking country or if you live in bilingual cities and regions in your country.

You will find signs in English as well as Spanish in Mexican border cities near the U.S. Not only in the border cities and zone but also in cities that are several hours from the border.

For example in Chihuahua, that’s about 5 hours from El Paso by car. Here it’s normal to see signboards with some English words inside or completely in English.

Of course if you can travel to a Spanish speaking country far from the borders you can learn Spanish in a relaxing way just walking around and, like in a game, try to guess what’s the meaning of the various posters, flyers, signboards and bills you will have the chance to see.

And finally you can check a dictionary to see if your guessed correctly or to find the meaning of some word or expression you weren’t able to guess.

An easy way to learn Spanish on the road is… Google Maps. Choose a town that’s bilingual and take a vitual walk through its roads – instruction for using GM

List of bilingual cities (Spanish-English) in the world: (magari altra pagina pop up)

Study Spanish with Spanish Songs

With internet, Youtube and other video sites it’s very easy to learn Spanish just singing or singing and playing if you can play piano, guitar, accordion, etc.

Moreover this is a great way to stay with your firends and impress them with your ability to sing songs in another language. In fact you don’t need to know the language to sing a song!

Just find a song you like sa lot and follow the singer reading the words, directly on youtube or on a lyrics website.

For many songs you can find all the tool you need with a simple search on Youtube:

“title of the song” + lyrics (or text)

Then you will choose the best vido in terms of audio clarity and easy reading. Some song have the lyrics on the screen too small or in some fancy fonts difficult to read.

This way you will get an all in one learning package:

  • Reading the text
  • Listening to the speaking Spanish singer
  • Speaking/singing the song
  • Writing (optional) some verse to remember

When looking for songs to learn Spanish it’s better, in my opinion, to choose some author’s song and not songs built only for learning.

The author’s songs are much better in quality and the probability that you will want to repeat them many times is much higher…

Think of this for a while: a complete 4/5 minutes Spanish lesson that you will gladly repeat 10, 20 or more times! This normally happens with great songs in any language. Here’s a video taken from the Youtube channel  LearnSpanishWithMusic with Spanish lyrics and English translation on screen.

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