Learning Spanish Words from a “Novela” (Soap Opera)

Learning Spanish Words from a "Novela"Learning Spanish Words from a “Novela”: did it ever happen to you?

Almost every night, I watch a “novela” (soap opera) here in Colombia called “El Estilista.”

Although “El Estilista” literally means “The Stylist,”  it is a a “novela” inspired by a true story by people who were kidnapped by “El FARC”.

According to Wikipedia.org, “El FARC” means R”evolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia”.

It is a military organization involved in the continuing Colombian armed conflict since 1964.

FARC claims to be an army of peasant Marxist-Leninists.

They have a political platform of agrarianism and anti-imperialism.

The operations of the FARC are funded by kidnapping for ransom, illegal mining, extortion and the production and distribution of illegal drugs.”

When I watched “El Estilista” a couple of nights ago, I thought it would be a good idea to jot down some vocabulary words that I hear used on “El Estilista”, and then share them with you. Here are 6:

1. Secuestro – kidnapping

El secuestro duró siete años.
The kidnapping lasted seven years.

2. Secuestrador/a – kidnapper

El secuestrador exigió dos millones de pesos por liberar a su víctima.
The Kidnapper demanded two million pesos in exchange for releasing his victim.

3. Rescate – ransom

Los secuestradores pedían un rescate de dos millones por la hija.
Kidnappers demanded a ransom of two million for the daughter.

Learning Spanish Words from a “Novela”: War & Revolution

Here’s a long trailer with English subtitles:


4. Metralleta – machine gun

Los ladrones entraron al banco armados con metralletas.
The robbers entered the bank armed with machine guns.

5. Fusilar – To execute with a firearm

Fusilaron a los secuestrados cerca del muro del cementerio.
They executed the kidnapped (victims) near the cemetery wall.

6. Revolucionario – revolutionary

Los revolucionarios ganaron nuevamente el control de la ciudad.
Revolutionaries regained control of the city.

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This Spanish lesson about some common Spanish phrases is courtesy of  Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy

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