Learn To Speak Spanish Like A Native In 2021

Spanish Native SpeakersWhy should you want to speak Spanish like the native speakers?

If you have ever been the butt of laughter and of jokes because of your stilted or archaic Spanish, then you will know the value of getting lessons in the language.

And we are not talking of formal lessons where they speak too-formal Spanish but of lessons where conversational Spanish is taught.

And that is the way to go if you want to learn to speak Spanish really well and fluently. The Spanish taught in some courses is out of the modern world and makes you learn a lot of obsolete words and phrases.

Learn to Speak Spanish – Converse Well

Why the emphasis on trying to learn to speak Spanish in a conversational manner, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that you will use conversational Spanish in the real world! Television, radio, web content, and print media publications as well as the man on the street in over 20 countries around the world prefer conversational Spanish instead of courtly Spanish.

Let’s imagine this scenario. You are in a movie theater line and you wish to strike up a conversation with the pretty Latina behind you. So, you approach her and say “Yo hablo Castellano” or “Me gustan las rosettas de maiz”. Nine out of ten, they will laugh at you, hysterically at that.

This is because these are very archaic ways to say “I speak Spanish” or “I like popcorn”. It’s like an American woman saying “How do you do, my kind sir” when someone introduces her to another American man. There’s nothing wrong with it except that nobody on the streets and in the homes speaks like that anymore, plain and simple.

So, when you want to learn to speak Spanish, you had better be sure that you are learning the words, phrases, and pronunciations of the man on the street. You will definitely make new friends and make new business opportunities in this way.

Learn to Speak Spanish – Parting Phrases

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Learn to speak Spanish – Look Well

So, where do you look for the right ways to learn to speak Spanish very well? Fortunately, there is no need to travel to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries to have a full immersion into the language, the culture, and the people.

You can search the Internet for audio CD courses that offer many levels of conversational Spanish from the beginner to the advanced.

And if you want, you can always add a course on how to curse, cuss and compliment in the language like you were born into it. Indeed, what good is speaking Spanish in a fluent although polite way when the language is just as beautiful with its vulgar words?

And when evaluating the merits of an audio CD course in conversational Spanish, be sure that the method is effective. If possible, ask your family and friends, do your web research, and read the consumer reviews.

You can even find audio CD courses that have successful government plans for assimilation of diplomatic and spy personnel as the basis for the lessons – go for it.

As soon as you begin to learn to speak Spanish as the native speakers do, you need not worry about being the object of amusement. You can converse in a fluent manner with the man- or woman, for that matter – on the streets.

This time, you can watch a Spanish language movie together with the pretty Latina who previously laughed at your poor attempt at being suave, smooth, and sophisticated with the Spanish language.

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